1. Search for the Call

Information on the Horizon 2020 Program is posted on the Participant Portal (1). All calls of the Program are posted in the tab Funding Opportunities (2) of the subsection Calls H2020 (3).
The search can be sorted by:
• Thematic area of the Programme’s pillars (3-a);
• Status of the call (Forthcoming / Open / Closed) (3-b);
• Keyword Search (3-b);
• Appropriate filters (for example, by the title, the topic number, etc.) (3-c).

2. Partner Search

3. Creation of the Account

4. Registration on the Participant Portal (Obtaining the Identification Code)

The European Commission conducts an online registration of institutions (beneficiaries and partner institutions) involved in research, innovation, education, audiovisual and cultural programs of the European Union. This allows to process official data of the participants and enables them to void multiple requests of the same information. In this regard, the participating in Horizon 2020 organizations have to register and receive a unique 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC) which is one-time provided to legal entity and is used by all of its structural subdivisions during the Program implementation (PIC received in FP7 is available for Horizon 2020). The registration must be done on the Participation Portal. Firstly, by clicking the Search button (1), there is a verification of registered organization and its PIC. In the case of the failure to find an organization and its PIC, start the registration procedure by clicking the Register organization (2) button.

5. Submitting of the project proposal

6. Еxpert evaluation

7. Grant Agreement signing